Meet some of our employees who make a positive impact each day in your neighborhood Applebee's! 


Congratulations to these top employees listed below for being recognized for one of the following:


Make It Fast, Personal Connection 

Make it Right - Serve it Fast!

Set the Pace, Be Attentive 

Find it, Fix it

Keep it clean and Comfortable   

Pamela has spent many years with our QRC Family!  It's bittersweet that she's come to her retirement.  Shown is a photo of Pamela and the  Laurel team!  Congratulations Pamela! 

Applebee's Laurel,  MS 

Pamela Overstreet

Ashleigh has been a server with QRC for 2 years, always doing a great job and making a Personal Friendly Connection with our guest.  Today we reconzied Ashleigh for a "Guest Praise"!  Thank you for you rhard work! 

Applebee's  Picayune,  MS 

Ashleigh Kennedy

Jessica Northrip received the Set the Pace Be attentive pin for displaying what all servers should aspire to be! Jessica walked in the door at Atlanta HWY and immediately went to work with extraordinary pace and PURPOSE! Within a 10 minute timeframe she had taken 3 tables orders and provided all tables with drinks. She also caught the door several times when the host was out of pocket being aware of all that was going on in the restaurant! Jessica never let up on the pace and carried a smile the entire time! This was a JOB WELL DONE!

Applebee's  Atlanta Highway  AL 

Jessica Northrip

With big sales tonight, pictured is the Carside To Go team at Madison AL tonight!  We recognized both Kendra Olquin and Heidi Markette who were rockin’ it, stayed cool under pressure as true Carside Specialists, ensured accuracy and delivered excellence swiftly!!

Applebee's  Madison , AL 

Kendra Olquin & Hedi Markette

William Johnson is being recognized for Make It Right, Serve It Fast! Will has been with QRC for 22 years. He is always at work on time and has his station set up to spec. Will puts out beautiful food to our guest on a daily basis. Will, thank you for all your contributions to our company over the years!  Nice job

Applebee's  Northparkway , AL 

William Johnson 

Wesley King is being recognized for Find It, Fix It! Wesley has been with QRC for 14 years. He is certified on all three stations and always jumps in where needed to take care of our guest .  Wesley thank you for all that you do. We are lucky to have you!

Applebee's Madison AL

Wesley King

Jennifer Caldwell is being recognized for Make It Right, Serve It Fast! Jennifer has been with QRC for a little over a year and is already the leader of the pack. Jennifer sets the example ever shift day and night making an impact in all areas. Thank you Jennifer for all your hard work!  

Applebee's Prattville AL

Jennifer Caldwell

Tia Muse is being recognized for Find It, Fix It! Tia has been with QRC for going on 3 years and is a real asset to the Decatur AL location. She has gotten a 100% on a Carside shop, knows Fry and Mid in the kitchen, and is a Host. Thank you Tia for all your efforts with our company so far. We are lucky to have you!      

Applebee's  Decatur AL

Tia Muse 

Brittany Malantonio in Elizabethton, TN received the "Make Friendly, Personal Connections" pin for her outstanding service to her guests. She knows them all by name and knows exactly what they want as soon as they walk in the door. Brittany has an amazing attitude and is always pleasant to be around.

Applebee's  Greeneville, TN 

Brittany Malantonio

Gabriel Gonzalez and Ken Armstrong in Greeneville, TN both received the "Make it Right, Serve it Fast" for their attention to detail during a busy lunch while sending out smoking out food and maintaining great overall ticket times. Keep up the great work, Ken and Gabriel!

Applebee's  Greeneville, TN 

Gabriel Gonzalez

Roosevelt Cheatham aka “Jazz” is being recognized for Make it Right, Serve it Fast! Jazz has been with QRC off and on for 20 years. His food looks great, showing attention to detail, and serving up smoking hot food! Thank you Jazz for all your years of service. Nice job!     ​

Applebee's  Carterhill AL

Roosevelt "Jazz" Cheatham

Impressive pace and energy! This team is best at Make Friendly, Personal Connections, scoring 100% in this important area! We recognized Server Gwen Ross for this very area. Gwen is a true interactions master and treats all guests like a neighbor. She has lots of regular guests, building her clientele big over 13 years of service!!

Applebee's  Northgate Mall, Chattanooga, TN

Gwen Ross

Antonyus Watts from Flowood MS is out latest Guest Hero!! Antonyus always looks sharp and Wow’s Each guest with his friendly demeanor. Antonyus understands the importance of Popping that door for every guest. Great job!!!

Applebee's  Flowood, MS  

Antonyus Watts

Rick Beck was awarded the "Find It, Fix It" pin for his amazing attention to detail in Elizabethton, TN. Rick made a schematic with proper utensils for every position on the line to ensure each station was 100% read for line check every single day. Way to go, Rick!!!

Applebee's Elizabethton, TN 

Rick Beck 

Antwain Armstrong is being recognized for Making Friendly, Personal Connections! Antwain has been with QRC for a little over a year always going that extra mile to make a special connection with our guest. Nice Job Antwain!​

Applebee's Taylor Road, AL

Antwain Armstrong

Lesa Drummond is being recognized for Making Friendly, Personal Connections! Lesa has become one of our main carside specialist at the Athens AL location making it her own.  She has built up her regular clientele growing our Togo sales to an average of $5,000 a week! We are lucky to have you Lesa. Thank you so much!    

Applebee's Athens, AL 

Lesa Drummond

Jeremy Harper in Brandon MS does a Fantastic job with maintaining his Broil area to exceptional standards. His station is “Clean enough to Eat Off Of”. Awesome job!

Applebee's  Bramdpm,  MS

Jeremy Harper 

Jasmine Free, key hourly, Columbus MS was all over the place today. She was 100% on table visits and kept the staff pumped up and moving fast. She did all of this with the director of training in the store! She was awarded the “Service Promise” award pin and is pictured with her General Manager, Calvin

Applebee's  Columbus MS

Jasmine Free 

Alicia Watkins is a server in our Five Points location. Alicia was recognized during a SPA for making a friendly, personal connection. Alicia always has a genuine concern for her guest. They all know her on a first name basis and she always goes above and beyond to not only treat her guest but all guest with respect. Alicia is very passionate about her job and always goes above and beyond to provide all the guest with a great experience

Applebee's  Five Points, AL 

Alicia Watkins 

Clara Graham Picayune, MS “Make it Right, Serve it Fast”  Lightning fast Ticket Times and Smoking Hot Food

Applebee's  Picayune, MS

Clara Graham

Yvonne Sidney Laurel, MS  “Clean and Comfortable”  Sparkling clean facility maintenance and Stainless GU

Applebee's  Laurel, MS 

Yvonne Sidney

Chris Caron is being recognized for Set the Pace, Be Attentive! Chris comes in Monday thru Thursday setting up and running both Broil and Mid. His food always looks good and he has helped Florence be in the Top 5 for lunch KDS times for QRC so far in 2018! Thank you Chris for all that you do!   

Applebee's  Florence AL 

Chris Caron

Derek Hayes is a broil cook at Applebee's in Cullman, AL. Derek has been with us for about four months he was awarded the Make It Right, Serve It Fast during our recent SPA with Blake. Derek consistently serves picture perfect food with steaming hot sides and always focused on our ticket times. Thank you Derek!

Applebee's  Cullman , MS 

Derek Hayes 

Byron Young got the Make Friendly, Personal Connections pin for going above and beyond as host in the Johnson City store. He races to the front door to ensure the guests do not have to open that door themselves. Byron walked guests out to their cars under an umbrella during a storm to ensure that they would not get wet. That same day a young mom came in juggling a car seat, diaper bag and her baby. Byron offered to carry the diaper bag and car seat to the table for her. Byron is an outstanding host!

Applebee's  Johnson City , TN

Byron Young

Justin Phillips earned the Make it Right, Serve it Fast pin for his exceptional skills on broil in Bristol, TN. Justin's food always looks picture perfect and goes out steaming every time. He does an excellent job upholding the 12 minute standard at lunch. Great job, Justin!

Applebee's  Bristol, TN

Justin Phillips

Nicole Bentley earned the Set the Pace, be Attentive pin for her attention to detail with carside. She follows the script 100% of the time and has raised the standard for carside excellence in Greeneville. You can hear her smile, enthusiasm and excitement in her voice through the phone. Great job, Nicole!!!

Applebee's  Greeneville, TN 

Nicole Bentley

Robert Brown, a GU, at our Meridian, MS location was awarded the “keep it clean and comfortable” pin today. He had his dishwashing area so clean you could eat your dinner there! He also did some extra cleaning in our dining room to make it sparkle. Great job Robert!

Applebee's  Meridian, MS 

Robert Brown

Tim Ezell, our broil cook at Tupelo, MS, was awarded the pin for “make it right, serve it fast!” Tim lead the charge in the kitchen during a busy lunch with a laser focus on our 12-minute lunch program. He was in control of the cook’s line and kept the team pumped up and positive. Pictured with Tim is our KM Jordan Yates

Applebee's  Tupelo, MS 

Tim Ezell

Kelley McPherson was recognized today for “make friendly, personal connections.” During a busy lunch my GM was asked to visit table 85. Upon arrival the guest simply wanted to praise Kelley for her quick service and friendly nature. Great job Kelley! Pictures with Kelley is our Tupelo, MS GM, Thomas Dunn.

Applebee's  Tupelo, MS 

Kelley McPherson

Kelly displayed amazing skills behind the bar by not only maintaining a 1/2 full to full bar for three hours starlight but by knowing each guest name, drink, a life story, and making a very personal connection.  Truly a fantastic crew member to have on our team! 

Applebee's  Knoxville - East Town

Kelly Dawn 

Tara McAllister Applebee's Hattiesburg, MS Tara is our bartender in Hattiesburg, MS. She champions the opportunity of keeping her glassware sparkling as well as her bar area neat and clean. She takes extreme pride in keeping her area neat and organized even if her restaurant is 30 years old. She is pictured with Bar Manager Kwang Son and RM Alfred Schubert.

Applebee's  Hattiesburg ,  MS

Tara McAllister

Rebecca Berry Applebee's Natchez, MS Rebecca is our car side To Go Specialist in Natchez, MS. Rebecca is always on top of her guests needs and goes above and beyond to ensure every issue called in is handled immediately and as quickly as possible. She is a "Not on my Shift" fanatic and understands what it means to "Find It, Fix it". Pictured with Rebecca is GM Michael Henderson.

Applebee's  Natchez ,  MS

Rebecca Berry 

Gary Dunson Applebee's Hattiesburg, MS Gary is our long-term GU in Hattiesburg, MS. Gary goes above and beyond the call of duty on every single day. He sets the pace from the moment he walks into the restaurant. He immediately does his cleaning duties, parking lot pick up and tackles frozen prep along with helping Prep while keeping his dish area spotless. He exemplifies Set the Pace, Be Attentive every single day. Pictured with Gary is GM Ken Garner.

Applebee's  Hattiesburg,  MS

Gary Dunson 

Roderick Starks Applebee's McComb, MS Roderick is one of our Prep/GU's in McComb, MS. When putting away the truck on today's date all hands were on deck for a busy lunch hour. Roderick quit attending to the truck and saw a problem on Fry side. He proceeded to jump on line without direction and knowing only a little and helped deliver positive results. He clearly saw a problem and jumped in to fix it. Roderick is pictured with RM Alfred SChubert

Applebee's  McComb,  MS

Roderick Starks

 Michelle Linares is our Hostess in Hattiesburg, MS. She is lightening quick with table turns and is constantly moving at an exceptional pace. She is the perfect example of "Set the Pace, Be Attentive. Pictured with Michelle is RM Alfred Schubert and KM Scarlett Tedder.

Applebee's  Hattiesburg, MS  

Michelle Linares

Lavares Howard is a fry and mid cook at Applebee's Center Point, AL. Lavares was presented with the Make It Right, Serve It Fast pin. He always makes sure he serves picture perfect food and does a great job sending his plates out piping Hot for our guest. Thank you Lavares!

Applebee's  Center Point, AL 

Lavares Howard

Andre Purifoy is a broil cook at Applebee's Center Point, AL was presented with the Make It Right, Serve It Fast pin. Andre always makes sure he serves picture perfect food and does a great job sending his plates out piping Hot for our guest. Thank you Andre!

Applebee's  Center Point, AL 

Andre Purifoy

Kearra Davis was the Carside Specialist during our recent SPA with Blake Sly and scored 100% on her section of the inspection. Kearra was awarded the Make It Right, Serve It Fast award. Thank you Kearra keep up the great work!​

Applebee's   Center Point, AL 

Kearra Davis

Tanasha Cox from Applebee's Gadsden AL is a server with us. Tanasha sets the example of what Make Friendly, Personal Connection is all about. She goes above and beyond for her guest daily. Every visit to the restaurant I am stopped by our guest that just want to brag on and compliment her service. Thank you Tanasha, keep up the great work!

Applebee's  Gadsden, AL 

Tanasha Cox

Harold Freeman from Applebee's Trussville, AL is being recognized for Keep It Clean and Comfortable. Harold comes to work daily with a great attitude always going above and beyond to keep his responsibilities top notch while always being a team player for the entire team. Thank you Harold!

Applebee's  Trussville, AL

Harold Freeman

Sam is one of the very best at making friendly personal connections. She is an essential piece to the Applebee's team and treats every bar guest as a friend and neighbor. Thank you for always making friendly & personal connections on every one of your shifts!

Applebee's  Alcoa, Tennessee 

Samantha Crayton 

Tymekia White Excellent guest Connections and Speed First day Shift Leader setting the pace and making personal connections Since of urgency directing all team members greeting guest and table turns hitting all details

Applebee's  Tuscaloosa Alabama  

Tymekia White

Don Harper is being recognized Make it Right, Serve it Fast! Don has been with QRC for 10 years, always preparing  his food to spec while getting it to the guest in  timely manner. He is also one of our lead broil trainers on the Opening Team. Don thank you for all your efforts over the years! Nice job.    

Applebee's  Athens, AL 

Don Harper 

Angelia Birdsong is our broil cook in Grenada, MS. She is lightning quick and has an acute focus on our 12 minute lunch program and her food is picture perfect! She is the example of “set the pace, be attentive.” Pictured with Angelia is KM Holland Heath and RM John Miller.

Applebee's  Grenada, MS 

Angelia Birdsong

 Victor Smith, John Figures, Denise Clancy and Steven Woodruff. These are the latest Superheroes from Madison, MS. They delivered on our Service Promise of Make it Right, Serve it fast, by executing lunch KDS times for Period 8 at an incredible 90%. They have a passion for excellence and it shows in their plate presentations as well. Great Job Team!!!!

Applebee's  Madison, Alabama

John Figures, Denise Clancy and Steven Woodruff

Cati has always made a personal connection with her guest. They always rant and rave about how pleasant she was and how she always makes them feel special. Cati has established a group of people that always come in and ask for her section when she is working. Nice job on making a personal connection with all your guest!

Applebee's  Chelsea, Alabama

Caitlin Davis 

Lauren Sandefur is a carside specialist that has been employed in Hoover for only 3 weeks. While working only her second week by herself she displayed a great sense of urgency and attention to detail to all of her guest. She made sure all the orders were correct and greeted all guest with a smile and answered the phone with great enthusiasm. She also assisted the servers when she was not busy with orders. She definitely set the pace and was very attentive. Great Job Lauren

Applebee's Hoover, Alabama

Lauren Sandefur

Excellent guest connections and team speed for a team that is building their lunch traffic!! Make Friendly, Personal Connections scored 100% and Make it Right, Serve it Fast was not too far behind! We recognized Server Chris Stewart for Set The Pace, Be Attentive. Chris is the picture of Set the Pace! He walks quickly with purpose and is quick to help with teamwork! Yet, he takes all necessary time with guests to make sure that all details are right!

Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chris Stewart

Terrific guest connections! This team scored 100% for Make Friendly, Personal Connections! It was in this area that we recognized Bartender Russ Pritchett. He is a guest engagement master! His interactions are terrific, he multi-tasks, chats with guests while making drinks or doing other tasks. He treats everyone like a neighbor!

Shallowford, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Russ Pritchett

Make It Right, Serve It Fast was stellar, scoring 100%! Find It, Fix It is also very strong! GSRs were so, so close to the goal. We recognized the Host Aimee Evans for Set The Pace, Be Attentive. She is quick and efficient, has terrific urgency about greeting guests and table turns, yet all attention is given to guests and the details!

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 

Aimee Evans

Felicity Harper is a genuine interactions master, always engaged with her guests and treats everyone like a neighbor! Thank you for being a Service Promise Champion!!! Felicity is being recognized for Making Friendly, Personal Connections!

South Parkway, Huntsville, AL 

Felicity Harper 

This team is best at Set The Pace, Be Attentive! Also, excellent guest connections were had throughout the dining and the bar! We recognized Sonia Dansby at G/U for Keep It Clean and Comfortable. She is a sparkle and shine champion, quick and efficient with excellent attention to detail, and always keeping the G/U area shining bright!!

Applebee's Dalton, GA

Sonia Dansby

Lisa Witten Trussville Alabama Lisa does an amazing job Making Friendly, Personal Connections. Lisa has grown her bar business by wowing her guests with her outgoing personality and quick service. Great job Lisa!

Applebee's Trussville, AL 

Lisa Witten

Danielle Gusoski Trussville Alabama Danielle is a role model of Set the Pace, Be Attentive! Danielle only knows one speed and that is fast! Danielle's guests lover her and she is a great asset to our team. Thank you Danielle.

Applebee's Trussville, AL 

Danielle Gusoski

Kendra Olguin is being recognized for Set the Pace, Be Attentive! Kendra started at our Madison Al. location 9 months ago. Since then she has become one of our leading servers on the team, recently transitioning over to Carside. She is always on time, has great attention to detail, and is ready to take care of our guest. Thank you Kendra for all that you do!

Applebee's Madison, AL 

Kendra Olguin

Tjwanna Lemon is a prep cook at Meridian MS. The RM was walking the cook’s line and Tjwanna raced to the line to witness the RM reviewing the three salad mixes. She had removed the old salad mix and replaced with fresh salad she had prepped. Tjwanna “found it and fixed it!” Her dedication to getting our food right is exceptional. Our GM Jennifer is pictured with RM John Miller with Tjwanna in the middle. Great job!

Applebee's Meridian, MS 

Tjwanna Lemon

Julie was recognized for "Set the pace, Be Attentive".  She has been part of the Fort Oglethorpe Applebee's since we open this location nearly 14 years ago! Julie comes in daily with a high sense of urgency, always guest driven and an eye for detail.  Thank you for making a positive difference daily Julie!  

Applebee's Fort Oglethorpe, GA 

Julie Longsleeve

​John exemplifies Applebee's standard for making a friendly personal connection with his dining room management and table visitation. John received the hospitality award for Green County from the Green County Tourism Association for his passion and dedication to our guest.

Applebee's Greenville, TN 

John Gregory

Kristin Jones from Brandon, MS is our latest Apple Star. Kristin was recognized for Set the Pace, Be Attentive. Kristin arrives each day fully prepared to WOW her guests through Carside. She executes pre-opening drills and is ready for business at the first ring of the phone. Kristin has built a loyal following and is a true Apple Buddy. Well done Kristin!!!

Applebee's Brandon, MS 

Kristen Jones

Hostess Pamela Brinkley in the Starksville store today was witnessed walking a guest who was elderly to his car and was holding his arm and being very gentle with him. he is a regular. my GM Denise told me she does that all the time! it's above and beyond and makes me proud to work with such awesome folks!

Applebee's Starksville, MS 

Pamela Brinkley

Lashandra White set the example of setting the pace during the shift today. Always moving with a sense of urgency to take care of her guest. Great job!

Applebee's Lake Harbor , MS 

Lashandra White

Sabrina Brandon scored a remarkable 93% on a carside visit at the beginning of an unannounced inspection today. Our GM, Calvin Hicks, stated she was the best Togo specialist on the team in Columbus! I appreciate the focus to detail and the “make it right, serve it fast” attitude Sabrina exhibits. Great job!

Applebee's Columbus , MS 

Sabrina Brandon