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  • What is the plan for Q1 bonuses?
    Q1 bonuses are not scheduled to be paid out until May 15. We will evaluate once bonus calculations have been completedadd a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What should we do if we don’t have enough hourly team members to cover shifts in restaurants still open to do To Go?
  • What is QRC stance on receiving vacation pay?
  • What should we do if we find out a manager has taken another job?
    Please discuss with your Regional Manager. This could result is loss of work force reduction payment.
  • What is the plan when we can reopen our restaurants (inventory, staffing, etc)?"
    Kurt and Rick are monitoring the situation very closely. They are working on a plan to be proactive when that time comes; including staffing,food orders ect.
  • Can we post StaffLinq on our website so team members can put their info in so we can contact them?
    Great idea, we can also send out an invitation through stafflinq
  • Any ideas on ways to retain our people during this work force reduction?
    Communication is key, let’s make sure we are communicating often and checking in. I will make sure to communicate on the company website and on Stafflinq
  • Can we use MITs in an hourly role instead of hourly crewmembers to do carside, expo, line cook, prep, etc.?"
    MIT’s make more than a carside, line cook, etc – so no
  • Who needs building keys and codes?
    All managers can retain their keys and codes. They may be needed to check on the restaurant during this down time. Please follow up that all managers have their individual alarm code.
  • What do we need to do for daily POS procedures (end of day)?
    We are awaiting an answer from the Help desk, more information to come.
  • What is a daily hourly labor dollar amount for restaurants that are still open for To Go?
    We will send something out by Friday 3-27-20.
  • When should inventory be done for restaurants that are closing?
    We will send something out by Friday 3-27-20.
  • What is the change of communication if an open restaurant needs inventory they can’t get from another restaurant or the grocery store?
    Please contact your Director on what you need.
  • How often will we review the sales of open restaurants to determine if they should remain open?
    We are looking at them daily.
  • 70% Managers in restaurants that are left open for to go only. Can they apply for workforce reduction as well thru the state?
    Anyone is welcome to apply, however if they make more than the weekly amount, they will be denied Unemployment Benefits
  • The TN Unemployment Site gives you 3 options when you start the process (Full Time / Part Time / Lay Off w/Recall) – They choose the Lay Off w/Recall correct?
    Correct, Layoff with recall.
  • If Managers are furloughed and receiving the $500 every 2 weeks at the end of every week they have to report any income to unemployment. Do they report the $250 the earned from QRC that week? Kristi answered this on the call – The answer is “NO” they do not report correct?
    Correct, they worked zero hours and did not earn any income, unless they have a side job somewhere, then that income would be reported.
  • Closed Restaurants typically cannot process payroll until Monday or after end of day on Sunday. How do we handle this coming week in restaurants that have closed?
    Any restaurant that is temporarily closed will need to review payroll before they leave on Friday/Saturday. Taylor will dial in and validate on Monday morning.
  • Monday Package? There are some invoices, bank deposits, info that needs to be sent in a Monday package what should closed restaurants do?"
    Before the managers leave on Friday they need to send in their “Monday” package on Friday/Saturday of closing.
  • How are we going to handle those invoices that come in the mail to the restaurants weeks after we have been closed?
    When the manager comes and does the daily walk thru they can get this done at that time and can scan or send them in to the support center.
  • Hourly Employee Vacations Average of Hours Calculations – Are they going to be penalized for loss on hrs when open back up and vacations approved?
    No. They will not be penalized.
  • We have hourly employees that have turned in vacations requests that will not be paid; when they come back will it be communicated that they will still have their vacation to use for the year. How will their average hours be processed?
    We will have to get with payroll and make sure anyone that was previously eligible does not lose that benefit. Average hours will need to be processed pre layoff.
  • 401K hardship questions? Anymore deductions? Can they take money out?
    The Paycheck election change form is on the website. There is no penalty for increasing, decreasing, or stopping contributions at any time during the year. The 401k hardship withdrawal is not on the website. Until an area is declared a federal disaster, documentation is needed for all other hardship reasons. The in-service withdrawal forms for those that wish to take a one-time 59 ½ or older withdrawal is available from Kim. All forms received prior to each payroll processing will be processed accordingly and the deduction is removed.
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